Information on Oil – Colombian Production

information on oilAnalyzing the information on oil production in Colombia leads us to the observation of its declining output. This decline has often been attributed to the currently existing terror attacks, a decrease in foreign investment, as well as community protests. Yes, we cannot say that the status is growing. As a matter of fact, it is even stagnant. The stocks in Colombia, particularly the ones for oil, are generally going down. Because of this, the government of Colombia has even felt concerned that it will be missing its fiscal goals for 2014.

In order to save yourself from making the wrong moves in your investment, you need to have a good amount of information. After all, the Colombian market has opportunities. However, there might be some political, social, as well as security issues, which may be difficult if you are an outsider. This is where Hydrocarbons Colombia can help you out. There are a lot of benefits in becoming a member here. You may even register for the free trial.

Among the many advantages that you can get include news and updates on the petroleum industry, including the industry players, refineries, upstream and downstream markets, financial reports and midstream transportation. You can also get updates on both trends for supply and demand, technology, exploration, as well as government actions. You can also get in touch with the weekly API statistics, daily futures, and many more.

While exploration indicators have forecasted that 2014 might end up as a disappointing year, there might be some expected changes as the country has made it a point to expand its crude reserves, even making it a national priority. Therefore, by making sure you have the latest information on oil and trends, you can also make the best possible decision when making your investment.

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