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The Colombian Oil and Gas Scenario in Context

With a sound improvement in macroeconomic policy, an ever-maturing democratic attitude, improvements in security and a relatively friendly environment for investors, Colombia has demonstrated a strong fundamental baseline for building opportunities in the oil and gas industry. In 2011 alone, Colombia had a proven 2.2 billion barrels of reserves, which equated to approximately 6.8 years of production at the levels of the time. The numbers were only set to increase as local and outside investors were giving the country an opportunity to increase exploratory activity and a more advanced form of oil and gas extraction methods. In a matter of 5 years, the countries hydrocarbons production doubled.

Colombian Oil and Gas Scenario Shifted.

What is going on now? Why did the industry become unstable when only a few years back it was so profitable and growing exponentially? Both national and international factors, directly related to oil and gas exploration and production have shifted the tendency to a more doubtful one; without needing to mention some indirect factors such as social and political changes in Colombia.

colombia oil and gas

During this time of crisis, the industry is not going away. Exploration and production will keep on going, however at a slower and more risky pace. Such a dynamic industry will tend to change again and when that happens, those who were a step ahead will reap the rewards. Hydrocarbons Colombia is based on the philosophy that knowledge is gold. Our collaborators are industry experts in the many fields that cover the Oil and Gas Industry. Everyday they share with our reader’s current data, tendencies and an analysis of the situation and where it will evolve. We develop and provide all information thinking about investors, putting us in their shoes and setting a real, current and objective overview of the industry. If you understand the complexities of the market, most likely you will take an invetsing decision that will bring profit in the short or medium term. With the oil and gas industry, knowledge and analysis are key factors to be ahead of the game.

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Variables when investing in oil and gas

When it comes to investing in oil and gas, there are a lot of different variables to take into account. One would be the current situation in Colombia, others can relate to profitability and level of risk. No matter what variables you take into account, you will soon learn how intricate the industry is.

investing in oil and gas

There are all sorts of oil and gas industry news that you will begin to unfold once you begin to analyse your investment opportunities, but you will soon realise that trustworthy, profound and english resources on investing in oil and gas in Colombia are scarce. One of your main resources when it comes to investing in oil and gas is going to be the oil and gas journal. Including wide range of Colombian oil and gas industry news, our oil and gas journal is quite possibly the leading petroleum industry publication about Colombia where you can see this type of information in English. You are able to learn about the updates on certain gas resources and information on oil like exploration drilling, production, pipelines, transportation, refining, processing, and marketing among others. Our publication is supported by industry leaders and is a boon to not just people in the industry itself but people who have money invested in it.

There are a lot of different pieces of infrastructure and businesses you can invest in but none may come close to that of oil and gas. This is a resource that is not only valuable but one that everyone will consistently need for the foreseeable future; we might be living through and oil and gas crisis, but it is certainly going to improve as it has many times in the past. You have to be sure you are investing in oil and gas in something smart and something that will last for the long haul, not just a fad. With our oil and gas journal, you get up to date information and the literature necessary to back up any investing in oil and gas decision. You get news, analysis, statistics, and technology updates on a variety of different levels involving gas and oil.

Regardless, this is an incredible field to invest in and one that only shows more growth as other industries begin to slow down. Keep that in mind when you are looking for the next, big investment venture.

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Current Oil and Gas Market

oil and gas market

If you are interested in the oil and gas market currently, there is some information on oil that you should be aware of. The Colombian oil and gas market is going through challenging times at the moment and making sure that you have all of the current and up to date information can help to protect your investments. It can also help you to know what to expect will be coming from that market in the future. Staying on top of the latest information is the only way to make sure that you are making the best choices with your investment opportunities and to better understand what is happening with your investment at any given moment.

There have been a few changes of hands when it comes to power in Colombia and the direction of major oil companies, including the Government’s one, has shifted. Many of the oil and gas companies that were directly present in the country have left. This can mean big changes for your investment. There is an expected downward turn in the market over the coming years because there is an increase in pipeline attacks and a lot of investors are losing interest in the Colombian oil and gas. Be cautious when proceeding with your investment because the future of Colombian oil and gas is on shaky ground and you should keep the most up to date information available at all times to tell you how to proceed.

The flip side of this coin is that Colombia depends on oil prices for export revenues. If there is a significant and long lasting drop in oil prices, this would really halt its economy. Keeping this in mind, it can be a little trickier to make a decision about your investment, but getting all of the facts up front is important. Yes, it is taking a downward turn, but pulling out investments can mean losing near future opportunities in Colombia. Colombia has had the strongest production growth over the past ten years so it has the potential to rise to the top again. Keep all of these factors in mind as you move forward in deciding what to do with your investments current and future.

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