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Oil and Gas Industry – A Retrospective

There is no question that the last few years have marred the security scenario in Colombia throughout many oil and gas fields.  Aside from security, much has been heard regarding the unstable situation of the different region’s political and social issues. Due to the aforementioned situations, there have been hesitations on the part of outsiders to invest in Colombia’s Oil and Gas Industry. However, the Industry is promising and opportunities arise, the key is to know where to invest and to understand what aspects are short and what are long-term ones. With proper analysis and data, investors can make wise business decisions in a country where its natural resources are abundant.

oil and gas industry

Back in 2004, a similar perception was made evident when the then president Alvaro Uribe pushed for the implementation of a new policy on the petroleum industry. During that time, Colombia was often viewed as a high-risk investment. As a matter of fact, only a very few brave companies dared to operate in the country. But those who did, and understood that the scenario had an open door for improvement, were rewarded a few years later with profitable production in their fields. The economy started rising, political and social issues were handled differently and the Oil and Gas Industry responded positively to these changes.

What has happened to the situation on the Colombia Oil and Gas industry? Currently investors are faced with a new challenge, different issues and an international oil and gas scenario that is quite worrying. This has caused them to hesitate releasing their investments for fear that these decisions might be bad for business, but this fear can be lack of knowledge. The production of oil in Colombia has become stagnant, but the situation is dynamic and it will tend to reactivate. The stocks are no different. For an external player to enter the picture, understanding the overall situation can be quite challenging, this is where Hydrocarbons Colombia comes in. Through us foreign investors can get the detailed information, analysis and opinions that are key factors to understanding current and the future of the industry.

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