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Colombia Oil and Gas: A Dynamic Market

Colombia’s Oil and Gas Industries

colombia oil and gas

Throughout the years, people have associated a variety of things with Colombia. For most people perhaps, oil and gas never made that list. However, that has changed in recent years due to constant changes the industry has undergone. Colombia is now capable of producing oil and gas for both national and international usage. Due to political, social and economic factors and ever changing policies, this industry is a highly dynamic one. A growing trend is expected to continue, foreign investment has risen throughout the last couple of years, the government is constantly seeking for ways to support the oil and gas industry. With major buyers, such as the United States (for oil) and Venezuela (for gas), as well as Colombia’s ability to provide for itself in both oil and gas, there is no reason for it to come to a halt due to day to day inconveniences.

Since 2005’s boom, the Colombia oil and gas industry has seen an important increase in production. But many of the aforementioned factors have provided a somewhat unstable atmosphere around the industry. One thing is sure: Colombia’s Oil and Gas industries are going to generate profits and grow in the long term. Such a valuable natural resource is bound to generate growth in many ways.

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